the gifting resolution

january has already come and gone. wow, how did that happen so fast?  i find myself so busy these days, wrapped up in my boys after school activities, homework, doctors appointments, volunteer commitments and all the housework that it takes to keep the family running that i just start to lose track of time.  every new year, i try to set some time aside to evaluate and see how i can make some positive changes in my life.  since it is already february, i better get started!

this year, i really want to focus on two things - showing kindness and staying connected.  i want to find new, fun ways to be kind and teach my boys just how easy it is to be kind to everyone you meet (i'm working on a 'kind valentine' project right now and can't wait to share more of that with you soon!).  

i also want to make time to stay connected - spend more face time with people and less screen time.  take the time out of my busy mom life to reach out and let someone know i care or miss them.  it's our relationships that really make life good so why not celebrate those special people on the big holidays but also just for no big reason at all.

the gifting resolution will help you do just that!  focus on showing gratitude and staying connected with gifts she will love.  we've made it super easy to remember some obvious and the not-so-obvious days to celebrate with this adorable calendar guide.  print it off and put it on your fridge as a reminder to celebrate your village all year long!  


2017 gifting resolution

the charmed root

The Charmed Root is a lifestyle box full of handpicked gift items that change each month. These items are meant to encourage, inspire and surprise the moms or girlfriends in your life. We will carefully curate a box of 4-5 items, blending together fashion, beauty, organization, décor, and so much more. As moms with young kiddos, we know that life is hard, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. There have been so many occasions when we wanted to celebrate a friend with a gift that would last longer than flowers or send a little bit of sunshine and encouragement to a friend who is going through a hard time so The Charmed Root was born. Our heart is to offer a fun and easy way to celebrate your village! Let The Charmed Root help you send the perfect gift just when she needs it the most...or indulge and treat yourself!