Remembering the Non-mom Me

I know I'm not saying anything novel or profound here. And if not all, the vast majority of mothers out there have asked this age old question...

What in the WORLD did I do with all my time before baby??? 

Seriously. Nine months ago—er—nine GLORIOUS months ago, I would have made a Saturday to-do list with five things on it and I would have accomplished maybe three of them. And not because I didn't want to run those errands but rather I "just didn't have time." 

The horror, right? Who did I think I was?? If Mom Me saw Non-mom Me just slacking off on a random Saturday I'd...give her a pat on the back and another vodka.

Truly. I'm actually really happy that Non-mom Me didn't listen too closely when all my other mom friends were discussing birthing plans, baby food making and daycare waitlists. If I had, Non-mom Me would have huddled in a corner and put a sheet over my head. But now that that is my life, I sometimes spend Friday nights making homemade baby food. And I did make a 3-page birth plan in preparation. And daycare waitlists? Yeah, we're on six of 'em. 

Yet with all of this planning and doing comes a bit of anxiety and questioning. Is my baby sleeping enough? Which daycare should we choose? Am I reading to her enough? Can I really breastfeed for another three months? Slow your roll Mom Me! When I get all wound up with these questions, I try to step back and remind myself that I’m doing the best I can and that’s enough. And in times of deep craze, I reference some of my fav quotes: 

Have you got a friend that's a new mama? We've just launched our new mama box to give her that much-needed moment to herself, that much-needed moment to remember her own Non-momself. She deserves all of that love and support you've got to give her. After all, we all remember our own Non-mom Me. The good ole glory days of Saturday slacking have made way to the soul-filling (and gray-hair inducing) beauty of becoming the Mom Me. Wouldn't have it any other way.

the charmed root

The Charmed Root is a lifestyle box full of handpicked gift items that change each month. These items are meant to encourage, inspire and surprise the moms or girlfriends in your life. We will carefully curate a box of 4-5 items, blending together fashion, beauty, organization, décor, and so much more. As moms with young kiddos, we know that life is hard, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. There have been so many occasions when we wanted to celebrate a friend with a gift that would last longer than flowers or send a little bit of sunshine and encouragement to a friend who is going through a hard time so The Charmed Root was born. Our heart is to offer a fun and easy way to celebrate your village! Let The Charmed Root help you send the perfect gift just when she needs it the most...or indulge and treat yourself!